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Santa Barbara metropolitan area map

This illustrated map of the metropolitan Santa Barbara area was originally printed on paper, and sold both as a folded 4" x 9" map, and as an 18" x 24" laminated map. The folded map was handy to carry around, while the laminated map was ideal to use as a wall decoration in a home, dorm room, or recreational site. Today this map is available on a wooden tray.

pictorial, illustrated map of the Santa Barbara metropolitan area

The map features the area from the Santa Inez mountains in the north to the Pacific Ocean in the south, and from Isla Vista on the west to Montecito on the east. Dozens of illustrations highlight the points of interest.

A wooden tray based on this map

Santa Barbara serving tray

This wooden serving tray based on the map can be purchased on Amazon or Etsy. [DETAILS]

How this map came to be:

The first edition of this map came out in 1996 as part of a two-sided, folded map that was sold at visitor attractions, convenience stores, gas stations, and similar locations. That was back in the days before GPS revolutionized the map industry.

On the back side of the map were printed several smaller maps, including ones of downtown Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, and Solvang. More information about these other maps is available here.

Some of those printed maps were never folded, but instead were laminated. The laminated maps were used for promotional display at retail locations, as well as sold to people who wanted a unfolded map they could put up on one of their walls.

As maps became available on computers, cellphones, and other devices, the popularity of folded paper maps declined, so much so that I no longer publish them.

The laminated maps in this series:

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Salt Lake City

San Francisco Bay Area
Western Oregon

Washington DC

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