Carol Mendel's
illustrated maps
of the Santa Barbara Area

Santa Barbara Area map
These maps were originally part of the San Francisco Bay Area Visitor’s Map, a 24” x 18” pictorial map printed on glossy paper. Folded to be 4” x 9”, it was sold at gift shops, museums, convenience stores, and visitor attractions, typically alongside standard street maps.

The advent of GPS and smart phones ended the heyday of folded paper maps. Today, illustrated maps are still popular on a wide variety of products because they are colorful, decorative, and informative.

Clicking or tapping on one of the maps shown below lets you see an enlarged version of it, and to find how to buy products (such as posters, pillows, and trays) that feature updated versions of the map.

map of the Santa Barbara Area
Santa Barbara metro area

The map of the Santa Barbara metropolitan area covers the area from Isla Vista on the west to Montecito on the east, and from the Santa Ynez mountains on the north to the Pacific Ocean on the south. It features main roads, cities, communities, parks, visitor attractions, and points of interest.

map of downtown Santa Barbara
Downtown Santa Barbara

The map of downtown Santa Barbara shows the heart of the downtown area.

map of downtown Solvang

This map covers the Danish-American community of Solvang, a city about an hour's drive northwest of Santa Barbara.