Carol Mendel's
A Short, Illustrated History
of the San Francisco Bay Area


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  1. Short History of the San Francisco Bay Area
  2. Formation of San Francisco Bay
  3. Native Americans in the Bay Area during the 1700's
  4. Presidio established at entrance to San Francisco Bay, 1776
  5. Missions established in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1776-1823
  6. California becomes part of Mexico, 1821
  7. Yerba Buena founded, 1835
  8. Ranchos in the Bay Area, 1830's and '40's
  9. California becomes part of the United States, 1848
10. California Gold Rush, 1848
11. Population of San Francisco explodes, 1849
12. Levi Strauss caters to gold miners, 1853
13. U. S. Mint established in San Francisco, 1853
14. Clipper ships and San Francisco, 1850's
15. San Francisco's Barbary Coast, late 19th Century
16. Immigration to San Francisco Bay Area, late 19th Century
17. Oakland and first transcontinental railroad, 1869
18. Golden Gate Park founded, 1870
19. San Francisco's first cable car, 1873
20. University of California opens Berkeley campus, 1873
21. San Francisco Bay Area ferries, 1870's
22. William Randolph Hearst and San Francisco Examiner, 1887
23. Leland Stanford founds university, 1891
24. Oakland writer Jack London, 1900
25. San Francisco earthquake of 1906
26. Muir Woods founded, 1908
27. Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915
28. Alcatraz Island as prison, 1933-1963
29. Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge open, 1936-1937
30. Amelia Earhart, 1937
31. Golden Gate International Exposition, Treasure Island, 1939-40
32. Bay Area shipbuilding in World War II
33. Physics research and berkelium at UC Berkeley, 1940's
34. Beat Generation at North Beach, 1950's
35. Hippie culture at Haight-Ashbury, 1969
36. Computer development in Silicon Valley, 1970's
37. Super Bowl, 1985
38. Earthquake of 1989

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