San Diego Walking Tours
a series of walks by Carol Mendel

Exploring on foot is the ideal way to see a city. These walking tours allow you to set your own pace, explore out-of-the-way areas, tarry where you choose, and savor what you see.

The walks are designed to be covered easily in a morning or an afternoon. At the beginning of each walk you will find a note on its distance and the approximate walking time. Walking times are highly approximate -- they depend on how leisurely you like to walk and how often and long you care to stop along the way -- but I thought you would find a rough estimate helpful.

Assuming that most of you will be driving to the starting point of the walk, I tried to arrange for each walk to begin at an easy-to-find spot, and one where parking is at least adequate, and usually plentiful. When possible, I have planned the walk to make a loop, thereby returning you to your car. Where this was not possible, I tried to have the walk end at a place where it is easy to find a bus, trolley, or taxi for the return trip. If you are without a car, provides city bus and trolley route information.

List of Walks:
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Balboa Park
Cabrillo National Monument
Downtown San Diego
The Embarcadero
La Jolla
La Playa
Mission Bay Park
Mission Beach
Old Town
Shelter Island
Sunset Cliffs

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